Teichmiller. The doctor said the difference is clear. http://usefuleyedoc.luminific.com/2017/01/03/guidelines-for-the-management-of-uveitis-in-internal-medicine/“Usually the main difference is in bacterial infections; you have a lot of mucus or whitish or yellowish discharge, whereas in viral, it tends to be more watery and more red and more painful.” no dataIn Watts’ case, the infection was viral and there was a medication which worked. “There is a lot of talk on my optometry circles about Bob Costas’ situation and there is actually an off-label use for betadine. It wipes out the viral load and that’s what I did for this patient today.” Teichmiller said nowadays it takes about five days for the patient to begin feeling better. Pink-eye is contagious, so family members of someone suffering from pink-eye should refrain from contact as much as possible during their illness. Copyright 2014 WAFF . All rights reserved. Tuesday, January 17 2017 6:15 AM EST2017-01-17 11:15:22 GMT (Source: WAFF Staff) Huntsville City Schools Board of Education hope to have a new superintendent selected by January 30and upon acceptance of the offer the candidate would assume their new position on March 4. Updated: Tuesday, January 17 2017 5:57 AM EST2017-01-17 10:57:57 GMT Today is day one of daily rain chances this week. Scattered light to moderate showers will accompany your morning commute as rain slowly pushes east today. Highs will still climb to around 70. Updated: Monday, January 16 2017 10:30 PM EST2017-01-17 03:30:18 GMT People have reported finding black mold inside the Sophie the Giraffe teething toy.

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