Hot compress helps in stimulating blood circulation to the affected area. Even if you suffer from arthritis, exercise is still important for strengthening the joints. Gentle exercises are recommended as per the individual’s tolerance. Certain ailments like cardiomyopathy, kidney diseases, heart ailments, liver diseases, gout, ankle arthritis, and rheumatoid arthritis also cause enema and swelling in the feet. There are many ligaments present in the legs and feet. Otherwise, ankle weights can be used to do any kind of stressful exercise that includes, set-ups, pull-ups, leg extensions, military press, bench press, and virtually any exercise that puts pressure on the muscles. ✦ Some medical practitioners staunchly discourage the use of such weights if the person has any kind of joint pain, or problems related to bones or muscles. It is a condition which causes the blood to coagulate either too slowly or too fast. foot pain under ballAgain, the treatment depends on the severity of the fracture. It is not very healthy to wear snug fitting clothes around the thighs, hips, and legs. Infection is another common cause of this condition.

(Photo by Adam Glanzman/Getty Images) BOSTON (CBS) Its looking more and more likely that Blake Swihart wont be back in the Red Sox outfield anytime soon. Things are not getting better for Swiharts sprained left ankle, and hes now seeking a second opinion from Dr. Robert Anderson , a noted foot specialist in Charlotte. While the Red Sox were hopeful to have Swihart back at some point this season, thats not looking very promising at the moment. There was talk of a potential rehab assignment last week, but that has gone by the wayside with Swihart now meeting with Dr. Anderson. Swihart, who made the switch from catcher to outfielder earlier this season, severely sprained his ankle trying to make a play on June 4 at Fenway Park whenit got caught in the bottom of the side wall in left field. He hit .258 in 19 games for Boston this season, playing 13 games in left field with the other six behind the plate. Swihartwas just heating up at the plate before getting hurt, batting .320 in his seven games prior to the injury. Red Sox are currently going with a platoon of Bryce Brentz and rookie Andrew Benintendi in left, and the team is hopeful that veteran outfielder Chris Young (out with a hamstring injury since June 23) will be addedto the mix when they return home from their West Coast road trip next week.

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