Next Steps Five More Legislative Committee Weeks Are Scheduled Before The Start Of The Florida Legislature On March 7.

DISTRIBUTING ORGANIZATIONS Five of the seven licensed organizations have received authorization to distribute medical marijuana. CHT Medical, which was approved two weeks ago, will begin in-home delivery this month. At least one more additional license will likely be granted after a recent settlement between the Department of Health and two Southwest Florida nurseries. Once the patient registry reaches 250,000, an additional three licenses will be made available, one of which will be designated for black farmers. Dispensaries are open in Tallahassee, Clearwater and Tampa but according to the Florida League of Cities, 55 cities statewide have zoning moratoriums in place either banning or restricting dispensaries. Eight additional cities are considering moratoriums. Most moratoriums are temporary as cities and counties await new regulations from Amendment 2s passage. NEXT STEPS Five more legislative committee weeks are scheduled before the start of the Florida Legislature on March 7. The Florida Senates Health Policy committee held a workshop in early December to hear concerns from all parties. Houses Health Policy committee has not met yet.

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Eye infections can affect the healthiest of dogs as any foreign object or pathogen can invade their delicate eyes. This is a serious problem where the retina of the eye gets detached. The worst part is that its symptoms only show up when the disorder is already at an advanced stage. The humour flows out of the eye through the trabecular mesh work at an angle of the eye. Throughout the day and night, it may increase or decrease by about 2.75 mm Hg. Till now, there have been no effective treatment options for multiple sclerosis. Sometimes, this eye disorder is inherited. Ophthalmologists use a method called Tonometry, to measure the eye pressure. It is a fact that cells that form the optic nerve are unable to regenerate, or they cannot repair themselves. When non surgical methods of treatment fail to show any result, then surgery is conducted to drain out the fluid. Beta-adrenergic antagonists can prevent this response and help in decreasing production of aqueous humour, which in turn helps in stabilizing the intra ocular pressure. This condition is more common among the older pets. Early identification and intervention is the key to stop vision loss and restore eye health. Make adequate visits to your ophthalmologist or optometrist, share your ocular history in detail and make sure that nothing is omitted from the discussion.

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