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It follows Jamie Reeds decision to quit his Copeland seat to become head of development and community relations at the nuclear reprocessing plant in the constituency. Other MPs are also telling us that they think there is no foreseeable future for Labour as a party of national government, or even as an effective and relevant national opposition, by clambering into lifeboats provided by civic politics. Andy Burnham will stand down from parliament if, as is likely, he succeeds as Labours candidate for mayor of Greater Manchester . Steve Rotheram will resign his Liverpool seat if he fulfils his goal of becoming mayor of the city . Tristram Hunt had often said that he thought Labour was on a suicidal course and had been targeted by Corbynistas for a revenge deselection. Jamie Reed could never be confused with an enthusiast for the current Labour leadership. But it is wrong simply to categorise the exodus as the abandonment of Jeremy Corbyn by people who have never liked him or his brand of politics and have thanks for this always been convinced that it means calamity for Labour. Mr Rotheram is the Labour leaders parliamentary aide. He can hardly be branded a serial disloyalist. Mr Burnham, though no Corbynista, was one of the very few members of the shadow cabinet who did not resign last summer and my company he opposed the failed attempt to oust the leader. Mr Hunt was consumed by feelings of dread and frustration much more profound and complex than a simple animus towards the partys leader.

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