Using Technology That Is New To The U.s., The Filtration System Supplies Ultra-purified Water To The Centers 56 Hemodialysis Stations And Uses Heat Disinfection Instead Of Chemicals, Increasing Efficiency And Promoting Patient Safety.

The new dialysis center will expand the number of patients were able to treat and will improve their care and comfort. Cleveland Clinic East will feature one of the nations most advanced water filtration systems for hemodialysis. Using technology that is new to the U.S., the filtration system supplies ultra-purified water to the centers 56 hemodialysis stations and uses heat disinfection instead of chemicals, increasing efficiency and promoting patient safety. Were excited to be the partner of choice for Cleveland Clinic, one of the leading health systems in the United States, said Bill Valle, executive vice president of Fresenius Medical Care North America and president of Fresenius Kidney Care. Their focus on quality patient care and the patient experience coupled with MetroHealths unwavering commitment to the community align with the high-quality, personalized care, resources and support that we are dedicated to ensuring our patients receive. “Were always striving to provide easier access to quality care, and this expansion of services is doing that, said Jeffrey Schelling, MD, director of Nephrology at MetroHealth. In addition to proximity, the East Side location offers options to make dialysis more convenient for daily schedules and even more pleasant. We are happy to be part of this longstanding partnership that has produced an important next step in patient care. Throughout the dialysis center, chairs for treatment are heated, can recline and are equipped with TVs, internet access and massage features. The clinics expansive windows, waiting area with a fireplace and outdoor dining area were all designed to make patients feel more comfortable while they undergo treatment. Nocturnal hemodialysis will also be offered at the new dialysis center, a first for patients on Clevelands East Side. Overnight dialysis, completed in seven- to eight-hour sessions instead of the usual three to five, increases the amount of waste that is removed from patients and allows them more freedom during daytime hours for work or other activities. The new two-level, 32,575 square-foot dialysis center is located at 2429 Martin Luther King Boulevard. Patients can make appointments by calling 216-368-0004.

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